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How Long Does It Take To Write 500 Words? [Tips To Write Fast]

As a seasoned writer, I am often asked how long it takes to write 500 words. While the long answer can be quite complex, I’d like to keep things simple for you on this occasion. Obviously, the time could vary according to the amount of research you wish to give the topic and your level […]

How Do You Measure Website Effectiveness

What makes a website effective depends on a lot of things. Basically, we can say that a web store or blog interface will only be effective if it generates as much traffic as possible and it has a good conversion rate.

Top Email Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Technology has paved the way for a wide range of strategies and tactics that small business owners can use to promote their products or services. Aside from the traditional ways of attracting customers, keeping up with these digital trends and marketing methods enable entrepreneurs to reach a broader target audience and make marketing and selling

5 Grassroots Marketing Ideas And Examples For 2023

Marketers typically trade with two currencies – money and time. Businesses that have large marketing budgets tend to spend them on campaigns that bring them customers quickly.  You need money to run PPC ads or an influencer marketing campaign – and these campaigns deliver results quite instantaneously.  When you do not have a marketing budget,

Inside A Small Business Media Kit

What is inside your small business media kit? This article gives a good overview of identifying your target audience and produce assets that help your campaign.

Is Your Small Business Social Media Strategy Failing?

Is your social media strategy failing? A lot of small business owners I talk to tell me that the reason they are on Instagram or Facebook is because everyone else is out there. They tell me that there is no money to be made from social media.  I can see why that appears to be

How To Rank For “Near Me” Keyword Searches

A lot of online services these days rely on your location to serve you. Uber, Postmates, Google Maps all need to know your location to do their job. These services are so necessary that according to one eMarketer survey, nearly 90% of American smartphone users have their location settings turned on. You know what that

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