January 2023

What Should I Discuss In The First Meeting With My Client?

Congratulations, you have just got your meeting after your cold call! But you wonder how you should go about it. The first meeting is usually a very important one. It’s the beginning of a relationship and you want to get it right. Business owners, like yourself, often worry about scaring away potential clients by being […]

How To Launch Your Call Center Outsourcing Business

The call centre industry offers great potential. It is the backbone of sales, customer service and operations for most businesses at present. Hence the market is growing and it would be a big mistake to overlook the opportunities it offers. There’s just one problem – very few operators have been able to make a decent

How To Improve Team Project Management When Working Remotely

Remote working has revolutionized work culture and practices across all industries. With companies of all kinds embracing remote or hybrid working and seeing amazing results, it’s a win-win situation for both employees and employers. With all the perks, though, come some notable challenges that businesses must recognize and address. Project management is a prime example

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