March 2018

Employee Productivity Statistics 2018

How much time do employees at your workplace spend on Facebook or reddit? Does this increase or decrease productivity? These are questions that rankle every employer. This is because helping employees distract themselves once in a while can help improve the culture at your workplace. At the same, spending too much time on Facebook or […]

Shipping Statistics For 2018

The past thirty years has seen an explosion in global trade. Countries like China, along with other Asian countries like Vietnam and Bangladesh have taken over the role of being the shop floor for the world. With automation picking pace, we are looking at a further evolution in the way products are made and shipped.

All eCommerce Stats In One Place

How many eCommerce sites are out there? How many millions of orders get transacted each day? Who is the biggest other than Amazon? In this article, we will try to answer these questions along with many more. The statistics presented in this article are ordered by the year they were published. This should help readers gain

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