Does A Project Manager Schedule Meetings?

Within the dynamic environment of project management, where timelines are critical, and tasks rapidly multiply, project managers assume a vital leadership role. They orchestrate the successful completion of projects by overseeing a multifaceted spectrum of responsibilities.  These include ensuring team progress meets budgetary constraints and adherence to established deadlines. A frequently posed question concerns the […]

Scheduling Meeting Across Different Time Zones [Ultimate Guide]

Planning meetings when everyone’s in different time zones? Yep, it’s a real puzzle. In our globally connected world, teams and partners are scattered all over, making finding a common meeting time a headache. The struggle is real — it leads to mix-ups, delays, and a bit of frustration. But, there are some effective strategies and

How To Prepare For An Online Meeting

Online meetings have become sort of a go-to — especially after the long pandemic reign.It’s almost as if it’s become the norm that if a meeting can be accomplished online, why meet face-to-face! So, it’s important for you to know what can go wrong in an online meeting. There are three ways an online meeting

What Types of Technology are the Most Useful for Recruiting

Hiring talents has never been easy, especially without the right tools. Technology is transforming the world as we know it, including how companies operate. Technology has influenced practically every company operation, from supply chain to marketing. It’s debatable if this is for the best; yet, if we want to keep up, we must conform to

What Factors Affect Sales Performance?

Most business owners believe that sales are driven by product quality. While this may be true to some extent, it’s not entirely correct. Sales is made of three parts: pre-sales, sales process, and closing. Inefficiencies in any of these components can negatively impact your sales performance. In this blog post, we see how that is

What Should I Discuss In The First Meeting With My Client?

Congratulations, you have just got your meeting after your cold call! But you wonder how you should go about it. The first meeting is usually a very important one. It’s the beginning of a relationship and you want to get it right. Business owners, like yourself, often worry about scaring away potential clients by being

How To Launch Your Call Center Outsourcing Business

The call centre industry offers great potential. It is the backbone of sales, customer service and operations for most businesses at present. Hence the market is growing and it would be a big mistake to overlook the opportunities it offers. There’s just one problem – very few operators have been able to make a decent

How To Improve Team Project Management When Working Remotely

Remote working has revolutionized work culture and practices across all industries. With companies of all kinds embracing remote or hybrid working and seeing amazing results, it’s a win-win situation for both employees and employers. With all the perks, though, come some notable challenges that businesses must recognize and address. Project management is a prime example

What Do I Need A Trademark Licence Agreement for?

Trademark license agreements are the process wherein a registered owner of a trademark (licensor) authorizes another person (licensee) to use the trademark. This is for a certain time, in a certain territory, and under certain terms and conditions without transferring the ownership of the mark. The licensor can also put other limitations on the use

What Is Corporate Entrepreneurship

The objective of a corporate entrepreneurship project is to pursue innovation or the launch of a new business unit without being bridled by the traditional bureaucratic constraints that such organizations face. Segmenting offices for corporate entrepreneurship Operation + Ad-Hoc Initiatives: The company doesn’t really have a deliberate approach to pursuing corporate entrepreneurship. The employees try

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