SMS Marketing

5 Best SMS Marketing Tools For Small Businesses

Mobile messaging apps like WhatsApp may have brought down the value proposition of the humble SMS, but its ubiquity continues unhindered. Multiple studies have pointed out that text messages are one of the best performing marketing channels with more than 98% open rate and nearly 36% click through rate. Compare this with email marketing where […]

The Best SMS Marketing Examples

It is only 160 characters long, but is often the best performing among all your different marketing channels. This is because unlike an email outreach, almost everyone you send a text message to, opens it. And those who open it, read it. In comparison, the open rate among email marketing subscribers is often in the

The Ultimate List Of SMS Marketing Best Practices

SMS marketing is tricky and exciting at the same time. Compared to other channels like email marketing, reaching out to prospects and customers over text messages has an extremely high open rates. According to one study, nearly 98% of SMS recipients open their messages In comparison, email marketing open rates are routinely in the range

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