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What Types of Technology are the Most Useful for Recruiting

Hiring talents has never been easy, especially without the right tools. Technology is transforming the world as we know it, including how companies operate. Technology has influenced practically every company operation, from supply chain to marketing. It’s debatable if this is for the best; yet, if we want to keep up, we must conform to […]

How To Improve Team Project Management When Working Remotely

Remote working has revolutionized work culture and practices across all industries. With companies of all kinds embracing remote or hybrid working and seeing amazing results, it’s a win-win situation for both employees and employers. With all the perks, though, come some notable challenges that businesses must recognize and address. Project management is a prime example

What Is Corporate Entrepreneurship

The objective of a corporate entrepreneurship project is to pursue innovation or the launch of a new business unit without being bridled by the traditional bureaucratic constraints that such organizations face. Segmenting offices for corporate entrepreneurship Operation + Ad-Hoc Initiatives: The company doesn’t really have a deliberate approach to pursuing corporate entrepreneurship. The employees try

How To Digitize Your Small Business

Consider the following two scenarios – You have a well-established brick-and-mortar small business. You have some winning products and services and a small local customer base. Or you plan to start a small business with the local community as your target consumer.  So, the obvious question is why you would digitize your business – what

Why Your SaaS Business Model Is Flawed

If you are reading this article, then there is a high chance that You are a startup business owner You have a SaaS product Your SaaS product is not making money And the reason I am writing this article is because this is not a very niche problem. There are thousands of SaaS products out

Micro Jobs – Best Ways To Hire For Small Tasks

Microjobs, or “micro jobs” have been part of the online business landscape for more than a decade. What started with shady businesses hiring low cost workers to click on ads or send spam emails have today been taken over by legitimate businesses that use workers to automate or outsource processes that are repeatable and can

Zero Touch Training – The Complete Guide

The Coronavirus outbreak has forced a lot of companies to suspend regular operations and instead, move their business online. While lockdowns are being eased around the world, many businesses continue to work remotely.  The fallout from all this is the impact it has had on training – employees and customers alike. The impact is conspicuous

So Again, Do You Really Need A Co-founder?

A look at many of the world’s most popular businesses will tell you that it was not a one-person effort. Running a business needs exclusive focus on several aspects like product development, marketing, operations and support – and most often, the skills needed to execute this is not possessed by one individual. A co-founder will

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