Strengths and Weaknesses of Quantitative and Qualitative Research

There are few things more useful in developing and implementing strategies than reliable data. The only drawback is that this information can be difficult to understand, which results in many business owners knowing nothing about their own research. When starting a company or building a product, most people ask themselves the question: qualitative or quantitative […]

How Do You Calculate Meeting Room Capacity?

Meeting room capacity is something that is often overlooked but is key to ensuring the people who attend your event aren’t offended by the limited amount of space or overwhelmed by its vastness. You don’t want to bore them or have them feel too cramped. You want them to feel engaged and comfortable.  Considering you

How to Introduce Yourself in a Team Meeting? with Examples

Introducing yourself to a team is a great way to start building relationships with the people you work with. But sometimes that can be tricky, especially if you haven’t met your teammates yet and don’t know their names. If you have just started working on a new job, then it is likely that you will

Employee Engagement Statistics 2022

36% Businesses that see employee engagement as a big challenge80% Businesses that believe their recognization program is effective in employee engagement75% Businesses that have a strategy and document plan for employee engagement6% Businesses that neither have a strategy nor a document plan for employee engagement27.40% Businesses that have a strategy and documented plan but have not seen an improvement in employee engagement yet81% Businesses that rate their program as very effective62.4% Percentage of organizations that offered gift cards for employee recognition53.8% Percentage of organizations that offered cash for employee recognition13% Businesses that do not use any technology to support their employee engagement program80% Businesses that use technology platform to support their employee engagement program42.7% Percentage of businesses that do not pay employees to cover the income tax liabilities of their recognition37% Percentage of engaged employees who are looking for jobs or are watching for opportunities56% Percentage of non-engaged employees who are open to new opportunities73% Percentage of disengaged employees who are open to new opportunities202% Percentage by which the performance of engaged employees exceed that of low-engaged employees70% Businesses that use gamification to engage their team90% Percentage of organization leaders who think an employee engagement strategy would help43% Percentage of highly engaged employees who receive feedbacks at regular interval2.5x The average revenue made by organizations with engaged employees compared to the average business87% Percentage of highly engaged employees who are less likely to leave their jobs36.80% Percentage of organizations that use an employee recognition software68% Percentage of employees in logistics who are engaged (national average is 74%)74% National average of employees who are engaged across industries77% Percentage of employees who reported that they were more productive when working away from office20-25% Percentage increase in productivity in organizations that have connected employees30% Increase in employee productivity over the last five years27% Percentage of engaged employees who are more likely to report excellent performance68% The percentage drop in productivity with increase in workload when the employees feel that they don’t have enough time to complete their tasks57% Percentage of employees who are very stressed and feel disengaged230% Increae in the revenue of businesses that have highly engaged employees18% Increase in customer retention when employees are highly engaged18% Decrease in productivity when organizations have low employee engagement scores96% The percentage of workers who say unnecessary emails waste their time58% The percentage of employees who say poor management affects their productivity50% Percentage of  referred employees who stick at their jobs for atleast 5 years53% HR professionals who say employee engagement increases when onboarding is improved$11 billion Annual loss to US businesses due to employee turn over50% Percentage of  millennials who are considering another job opportunity even if they weren’t looking to leave75% Percentage of employee turnover that were preventable27% Percentage of employees changing their job every year17% Employees who are actively job hunting46% Employee passively looking for another job34% Employees who say they plan to leave their job in next 12 months18% Employees who are less confident about an employer taking care of them92% Employees who say that having technology to do their job efficiently affects their work satisfaction80% Employees who feel that they are highly engaged when their work was consistent with the core values87% Employees who agree that they are highly committed with their organizatiom83% Employees who stay with their organization when they were offered opportunities to face new challenges76% Employees who work more than 36 hours a week90% Employees who believe that their work enviroment improves their productivity10% Increase in customer ratings where the workplace is highly engaged20% Percentage increase in sales in highly committed work place12% Increase in productivity when employees are happy86% Percentage of millennials who say they would not leave their current position if they were offered career training and development67%

What Are the Benefits of Design Thinking?

One of the areas of project management that may receive increased attention in a modern online project management course is the idea of ‘design thinking’. This is a solution-focused methodology, in which project teams attempt to ‘think like designers’, in order to come up with new, alternative or innovative solutions to problems. Generally, the design

Jobs Of The Future That Attract Millennials

Unlike what used to happen a few years ago, young people are no longer required to go for traditional jobs such as doctors, lawyers and teachers although many still intend to pursue such careers. However, there is a good portion of the population that prefers to seek alternative jobs; among them, we can mention the

Shipping Statistics For 2018

The past thirty years has seen an explosion in global trade. Countries like China, along with other Asian countries like Vietnam and Bangladesh have taken over the role of being the shop floor for the world. With automation picking pace, we are looking at a further evolution in the way products are made and shipped.

How Much Time Does It Take To Find An Investor?

Feeling disheartened because yet another investor turned you down? You are not alone. Lack of investor interest does not necessarily mean your product sucks. It can only be one of many things – the investor does not align with your vision; or perhaps you are early in the market; or simply that you did not

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