Quick-View Calendar

View all tasks planned for a month. Get alerted when you miss due dates

Task Planner

Create, edit and plan tasks weeks, or even months, in advance


Assign tasks to team members, send reminders and collaborate

Free to use

Our project calendar and task planning tool is completely free to use

All In One Project Calendar

Quick View Dashboard

Instantly view the various pending tasks, who each task is assigned to, what the due date is, and also what tasks are overdue

Visually Interactive

Overdue tasks are clearly marked in red for marketers to know they are critical. All tasks are clearly marked in independent colors for quick perusal

Export Active Tasks

Instantly export all your active tasks into CSV to share with other stakeholders not on Hubbion, or to collaborate on alternate platforms

Hubbion project calendar screenshot
Collaborate with colleagues on marketing projects

Unlimited Collaboration

Assign tasks to people in your team or third party agencies for no charge. Share files and collaborate using our in-built messaging window. Add your boss or client as a "participant" to your tasks so that even they can view the status of these various marketing tasks.

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