Visual Website Optimizer VWO for A/B testing

Visual Website Optimizer VWO for A/B testingAs a marketer, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to robust A/B testing tools. VWO (or Visual Website Optimizer) is one of the most popular tools among businesses that want to optimize their layout to increase conversions. It was founded by Paras Chopra in 2010 and is today used by more than 4000 businesses from over 90 countries worldwide. VWO’s customers include Microsoft, Rackspace, AMD, Disney, WooThemes, ICICI Bank, Target, Zoho and Sears.


VWO claims to be the world’s easiest A/B testing tool and has a whole bunch of features to make testing easy.

A/B & Multivariate Testing

Creating a new campaign is quite simple and can be done in a matter of clicks. The WYSIWYG editor lets you set up a new layout and content with just a few clicks and drags. VWO does multivariate testing and users can thus create as many variations of their page as they like and VWO will split the incoming traffic equally among all these different variations. You may choose to measure the effectiveness of these various designs based on revenues, clicks or any custom conversion goal that you may have set.

Advanced Editing

The basic multivariate testing tools do not require any coding skills and thus let marketers design their own layouts to test. However, for use-cases that require differing workflows and other complex changes, users may also edit the HTML, CSS, JavaScript or JQuery scripts in order to make these advanced customizations.


VWO has a pretty robust reporting tool that let users determine what designs perform the best in any given testing scenario against a host of conversion goals. Their “Intuitive reports” provide you with changing trends and also helps compare the revenues you made over these different design variations. The part of the reports I am most impressed is the ‘Profitable Segments’ part that cuts through the various performance reports to find out specific demographics and user groups that work best on each of these different designs. This way, it is possible for a business to understand what layouts work for specific groups and thus personalize their design to each targeted traffic source.


This is something we saw with Optimizely as well. The website optimizer tool has the system in place to target specific designs at specific users. So with the Profitable Segments insights available, users may choose to personalize the experience to their users based on their demographic, referral source or other parameters.

Other Features

Besides the above, VWO also has an inbuilt heatmap tool and click analytics tools that help users understand the user engagement with the various design variations. In effect, you do not need your Crazy Egg account if you are already paying for VWO.


There are three plans to choose from. Small and Medium business owners can pick between their ‘Startup’ and ‘Business’ plans that cost $49/month and $129/month respectively and what you choose depends on the number of visitors to monitor. For this price, you get access to most of the features although if you have a traffic higher than 30,000/month and need access to geotargeting, API access, sub-accounts and report segmentation, it may be well to choose the ‘Enterprise’ plan that starts from $999/month. Oh there is also a free option that has all the features in the standard plans except for a 1000 visitor limit.

Free Startup Business Enterprise
Price (billed monthly) $0 $59/mo $155/mo n/a
Price (billed yearly) $0 $49/mo $129/mo from $999/mo
Monthly Visitors 1000 10000 30000 larger volumes
A/B testing yes yes yes yes
Multivariate testing yes yes yes yes
Split URL testing yes yes yes yes
Sub-accounts 2 2 2 unlimited
Mobile web testing yes yes yes yes
Heatmaps yes yes yes yes
Geotargeting no no no yes
Enterprise security no no no yes
API access no no no. yes
On-site hosting no no no yes


Holistic tool: As a marketer, you look for various tools to optimize your conversion rate. VWO makes your job easy by providing all the features you need in one box. This includes tools to perform A/B tests, multivariate tests, split URL tests as well as analyze heatmaps and clicks for user engagement.Not only that, the tool is also quite flexible and lets you deploy wildcard rules to manage the various URLs.

Integration: VWO can be easily integrated with Google Analytics as well as with a number of other analytics and ecommerce tools like Clicky, ComScore, Kissmetrics, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WordPress and Joomla. This makes your job easier since you can continue to perform analysis from the comfort of your Google Analytics dashboard while executing reports from your CMS.

Customer Support: VWO has an SLA of 24 hours which means you can expect to get your issues resolved soon after you encounter them. Customers in the Enterprise plan are also assigned to an Account Manager and according to reviews from these customers, the account managers are quite knowledgeable in the tool and help with issues with sharp turnaround times.

Learning Curve: While the basic testing tool is a breeze and anybody can get started in a matter of minutes, the complex stuff can take some time getting used to. Setting up advanced configurations using JQuery scripts can be tricky and it is important that you trial your implementation on a test audience before releasing it to the public.

Can Be Slow: To be fair, this is not a common complaint and I could not spot more than a couple from dozens of reviews. According to these users, the VWO editor can sometimes be a little slow to load and the preview screens can misbehave. I am not sure if this issue still persists but in any case, it is a good idea to test the product during its free trial to understand how it works and if it is good for your business.

VWO, like Optimizely does a good job in performing conversion optimization tests. Besides actual conversions, you also get to study engagement which is a critical factor in determining which design to choose. Overall, this is a fantastic tool and one that your business will greatly benefit from.

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