A/B testing landing page creation on Instapage

A/B testing landing page creation on InstapageInstapage is a landing page creator tool that is aimed at increasing the conversion rate of your ad campaigns. The company was founded in 2012 by Tyson Quick and is today one of the popular tools among marketers to test and launch landing pages that is used by more than 250,000 businesses.


Landing Page Builder

Instapage comes with a fully customizable landing page builder that lets users to click and drop elements to their page and edit them at the click of a button. There are over 5000 fonts to pick from and nearly 33 million images to work with. In addition to building your own elements, the Instapage landing page builder also contains native widgets for elements like countdown timers and call-to-action buttons. Advanced users who need to customize their page can do so by using their code editor that is compatible with editing HTML, CSS, JavaScript or other third party scripts. Other features of the landing page builder include features that allow parallax scrolling, image management and page version management ( to permit reversion of designs).

Lead Generation

Given that one of the primary objectives of a landing page builder is to help generate leads, Instapage has a sophisticated system to generate leads from your landing pages. Users may set up a lead capture form with necessary input fields in just a few clicks. Those who are offering lead magnets in exchange for email addresses may also set up an automated digital asset delivery system that makes the downloadables available to subscribers soon after opt-in. Other features in the product include multi-step forms, pre-populating fields, leads backup, lead routing to CRM outreach tools and two-step opt-in.

Campaign Management

Businesses that use Instapage to create landing pages for their PPC campaigns are allowed to publish the page on any domain with Adwords compliance. The tool also contains features that allow dynamic text replacement so that your header texts could match the search keywords. Also, users may group their pages for easier campaign management.

A/B Testing

Instapage comes with an in-built A/B testing tool that lets users pit different designs and layouts against one another to identify those that perform well. Users may track online behavior of their visitors and increase conversion rates using this tool. You may also deploy pixel-tracking systems to track conversions that do not happen on the Instapage landing page.

Third Party Integrations

Instapage comes integrated out of the box with a number of CRM and CRO tools. These include Salesforce, Zoho, Facebook, Google Analytics, Constant Contact, MailChimp, CrazyEgg, ClickTale and WuFoo. This especially helps users to automate the lead generation and outreach process.

Enterprise Features

Enterprise users have access to advanced features on Instapage that include multi-user management, access to unlimited domains, 99.9999% uptime guarantee, unlimited visitor management and phone support.


Interested users are provided a 30 day free trial post which they will be required to pick from one of the following plans – Basic, Professional and Premium. Basic is priced at $29/month (billed yearly) and comes with the essential landing page creation and integration with third party tools. If you are looking for more advanced features like A/B testing and complete integration, then you can pick the Professional plan that is priced at $55/month. Enterprises that need access to team member access, brandable lead notifications, custom web fonts and webhooks can use the Premium plan at $79/month.

Basic Professional Premium
Price $29/mo $55/mo $79/mo
Pages unlimited unlimited unlimited
Domains unlimited unlimited unlimited
Visitors unlimited unlimited unlimited
Integrations basic complete includes webhooks
Support email chat/email phone/chat/email
A/B testing no yes yes
Team members no read-only full-access
Custom code editing no yes yes
sub-accounts no no yes(one)
Brandable lead notification no no yes
Custom web fonts no no yes (5000)


Fully customizable: The landing page tool has a ton of customizable features that makes it more desirable than the alternatives in the market. A lot of these features are available out of the box through templates which means users need to spend less time building pages and instead more time on launching and monitoring the various alternatives that convert. Add to this, the ability to instantly integrate your landing page builder with email marketing and CRM tools and it makes marketing quite easy and automated.

Customer Support: There are multiple opinions when it comes to Instapage’s customer support. While some users are extremely happy about the service which they say answer all your email queries inside 24 hours, there are others who are not happy. One user points out that the company has a “horrendous” support that are inattentive and inflexible which led to them being billed for two months despite being requested for cancellation within the trial period. They say that the issue only got resolved after filing for a chargeback from their credit card company. But this appears to be a stray incident as there are a lot of positive reviews about their support from other users who commend the team for helping them out in such a way that even barely computer literate customers can understand.

User-Friendliness: The tool can be extremely easy and user friendly to use. However, there are a few minor gripes. For instance, if you are creating a mobile version of your landing page, you may find it extremely difficult to navigate the various elements around in the limited space available. Instapage throws an error any time your element moves outside the build-area which makes it difficult to juggle the elements.

Affordable: While Instapage does not offer a free version of their product, their low priced version is quite affordable even for bootstrapped startups. While you may still not get access to the A/B testing tools at this price, you get the option to create unlimited number of pages at this price which is something very few competitors provide. If you are bootstrapped, Instapage is for you.

Instapage has a pretty simple interface that makes it quite user-friendly and easy to use. There are very few complaints and most of the users seem quite happy with the way it works. So that is mostly a thumbs up from our side.

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