FullContact Contact ManagementFullContact is a contact management system that is targeted at professionals and enterprises who would like to manage a contact management system that is devoid of duplicates and outdated information. The objective is to maintain one unified contact management system that can replace all your different contact databases. The company was founded in 2010 by Dan Lynn, Bart Lorang and Travis Todd. Bart Lorang serves as the CEO today of a company. The company has raised nearly $19 million in funding from the likes of Foundry Group and Baird Capital.


The way FullContact works is simple – it lets you log into your various social accounts and pulls in contact information from all these different accounts before aggregating and de-duplicating the list.

Contact Syncing

To make the best use of FullContact, users can log into their account from all their various social profiles including Google, Twitter, Dropbox, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Flickr to mention a few. In addition to this, users may also download the FullContact app for their iPhone or Android phone and pull in the contacts from the address books here. All contacts from these various platforms are first aggregated and then filtered to ensure that there are no duplicates in the system. This unified contact database is then synchronized with all your different contact platforms.

Relationship Management

Besides unifying the contacts list, FullContact also helps with efficient relationship management. The tool pulls third-party information about each of your contacts from the internet (like designation, company,etc.) and populates these additional details into your system. This is kept automatically updated for easy contacts management. Users can also create their own tags, notes and custom labels for their contacts in order to ensure you have the latest insights about your contacts available with you.

Data Backup

All contacts that are pulled and aggregated into the FullContact system are automatically backed up in the cloud so that users do not lose details of any of their contacts due to a broken iPhone or a defunct social account.

Gmail Contacts View

FullContact comes with Gmail integration that allows users to view full details about their contacts – like their name, social media profiles and also lets you add/edit details about the contacts right from your Gmail window.

Premium Features

Most of the basic features of FullContact are free to use and do not cost a penny. Users can also choose to add premium features. This includes the ability to scan business cards and manually transcribed and added to the Contacts database, automatically extract contact information from email signatures and establish real-time syncing over up to 5 Google, Exchange, Office 365 or iCloud accounts.

Contact API Access

If you are an online business looking to make use of the FullContact database to create a contact management service within your service, then you could make use of their API to access the vast FullContact contacts database. This includes matching their Personal contacts, Company contacts as well as use their card scanning API. The API is priced differently (elaborated on the Pricing section below).


There are two plans for FullContact users to choose from. The ‘Basic’ account is free to use and lets users add up to 5000 contacts and up to 10 business card transcriptions each month. The free account also lets two-way syncing between FullContact and your Google/Exchange/iCloud/Office 365 accounts every 24 hours. The ‘Premium’ plan on the other hand lets users manage up to 25000 contacts and enables real-time syncing with your Google or other third party accounts. You can also handle up to 50 business card transcriptions each month.

Basic Premium
Price $0 $9.99/mo
Contacts 5000 25000
Two-way Sync Every 24 hours Real-time
Deduplicating contacts yes yes
Contact updates monthly daily
Business card transcription 10/month 50/month

API Pricing

Trial Starter Pro Business
Price $0 $99/mo $399/mo Custom quote
Person matches 500/mo 6000/mo 100K/mo custom
Company matches 500/mo 2400/mo 40K/mo custom
Card reading 10/mo 25/mo 100/mo custom
Disposable email 500/mo 500/mo 5000/mo custom
Location API 15K/mo 15K/mo 200K/mo custom
Name API 15K/mo 15K/mo 200K/mo custom
Rate limits 60/min 300/min 600/min custom

Users may also purchase additional card transcriptions at the rate of $89.99 for a 500 card pack or $99.99 for 1000 cards.


Accurate: One of the killer features of FullContact is the business card scanning app. According to users, it beats all the other card scanning apps in the market hands down and is the most accurate tool in this aspect. They say that this alone is worth the monthly fee for the tool (that comes with 50 card transcriptions).

Whole suite of features: When it comes to contact management, there are tools that do different things like scanning cards, unifying contact lists, removing duplication,etc. But according to some users, there is no one app that does all of these features well enough like FullContact. Add to these, the recent integration with Gmail, and FullContact is now a full-fledged relationship management tool that is quite essential for your business.

Can be heavy: For a tool that is expected to synchronize contacts in the backend, FullContact can sometimes be heavy. While the mobile app is quite agile and nifty, users note that the web client and the browser extension can sometimes be heavy and so difficult to use. This is however not a common complaint and so your mileage may vary.

Issues with Salesforce integration: According to one user at least, the cell phone numbers that you aggregate from FullContact does not populate seamlessly over Salesforce. FullContact claims this is a Salesforce issue since all they can do is push it to the third party service and expect them to pick it up but then there are thousands of other third party services that do this job perfectly and so it is not clear why FullContact will have this issue on their service. No matter where the fault lies, do know that this can be a problem.

More useful than Rapportive: If you are using this app mainly for its Gmail integration and the ability to display contact details on the Gmail sidebar, you may be tempted to compare this with Rapportive which does essentially the same. According to some users, FullContact does a better job than Rapportive in this respect. This is mainly because unlike Rapportive which uses LinkedIn to extract information, FullContact gets hold of details from a wide host of sources. The information provided is thus much more comprehensive. Not only that, it also lets you edit, add notes and labels right from your Gmail screen which is absolutely fantastic for a marketer.

In conclusion, FullContact makes a lot of things easy for a marketer – this includes cleaning up contacts list to remove duplicates and outdated information, synchronizing information from multiple sources, removing physical clutter by transcripting business cards into contact information and helping you access these details readily from the comfort of your Gmail inbox. Above all this, it costs nothing to get most of these things going and is the main reason why you should give this nifty app a try.