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Schedule Once MeetMe.So online meeting and appointment scheduling systemYou have appointment scheduling tools that help small businesses take bookings from their clients and then you have online meeting tools that help employees set up online meeting appointments with their colleagues, partners and customers. ScheduleOnce is in a sweet spot where it does all of this. It serves to help its users reach out to their customers across the lifecycle including inviting prospects to schedule online demos and consultations, schedule follow up appointments, schedule online training and onboarding programs and finally support customers with their issues online. It goes without saying that this product is more suited for enterprise businesses rather than small-time salons or spas.


Like most other appointment scheduling tools, ScheduleOnce supports two-way syncing with your Google, Outlook or Apple calendars. You may integrate your booking platform on your website, offer multiple services, set up text reminders and schedule group sessions. The product is supported on mobile as well and allows customers to schedule multiple appointments in one booking. ScheduleOnce users are also provided their own online meeting calendar at

One unique features on ScheduleOnce is its ‘time management’ feature that allows users to set timeframe rules (enable a rolling time window when customers are allowed to book), workload rules (the number of appointments you can take in a day), buffer and time slot setup. I don’t remember any other tool with features like workload rules which I think is a very useful addition. Other features include timzone management, location set up (physical and virtual) and availability pooling where you can combine your team’s availability into one booking calendar.

ScheduleOnce also supports a number of third party integrations including CRM apps (like Salesforce, InfusionSoft and a dozen others), web conferencing tools like GoToMeeting and WebEx, marketing automation tools like Pardot, email marketing like MailChimp, Aweber and Constant Contact, productivity tools like Evernote and Google Docs, and other tools for invoicing, time tracking and help desk management.


ScheduleOnce provides monthly or annual booking plans (which are 17% cheaper). Here we will compare the various plans on the monthly plan. There are essentially four plans named Plus, Premium, Professional and Enterprise. These plans are tiered holistically based on the number of booking pages available per user. A booking page is the online calendar that customers book with. You may have one or more booking pages for yourself as a user.

The Plus plan provides one booking page per user and is priced at $5 per user per month. At the price, you get unlimited bookings, Google/iCloud calendar integration, approval-based booking, third party integration with CRM and conferencing tools, text reminders and support for reschedules and cancellations. The Premium plan is similar to Plus except that you also get automatic booking (no need for approval actions to confirm booking) and this is priced at $9/user/month.

If you need support for Outlook calendar integration, multiple services management, reports and session/group packages, then you should be good picking the Professional package. This is priced at $19/user/month and allows two booking pages per user. Enterprise customers also get more advanced features like custom notifications, pooled availability, resource booking and email management from your own domain and this priced at $49/user/month. Users on this plan get up to three booking pages each.

Plan Price
Plus $5/user/month
Premium $9/user/month
Professional $19/user/month
Enterprise $49/user/month


Setting appointments is extremely easy to use when using the platform. You basically click the date you are available, click multiple checkboxes of time slots available and that is it – you can set up multiple appointments with the host in just one click. This, along with instant time zone adaptability makes the tool a popular product among enterprise customers. In terms of negatives, more than one user have reported on G2Crowd about minor usability issues on the interface and the fact that it can look a bit outdated. But these are hardly a big deal and customers on this review platform have rated the product a neat 4.6 out of 5 stars.

On the blog, founder Matt Ackerson writes that the link that allows users to easily schedule appointments with one another is a drastically simple way to set up weekly project review meetings with clients, scheduling client consultations for sales and for one-on-one networking opportunities. He recommends it especially for business users who today schedule appointments with clients over email – ScheduleOnce automatically solves the “email dance” problem of going back and forth for availability and also ensures the location is pre-decided before taking up a fresh appointment.

According to a review on newJournalismReview, the platform to book appointments is among the most professional looking interfaces for booking appointments online. But that is not enough to cover the lack of basic features even in their paid version ‘Plus’. Reviewer Steve points out that almost all rival providers offer ‘automatic booking’ even in their basic free versions. Not only does ScheduleOnce not have a free version, but this very essential feature is not available even on their lowest paid plan. This point makes sense – the whole reason why you would not want to schedule meetings over email is to prevent the back-and-forth communication. If ScheduleOnce had to essentially do the same with approvals, it makes the whole exercise redundant.

MerchantMaverick points out some notable omissions in the product offering of ScheduleOnce. Payment processing (POS) is available with most rival products at least in their premium higher priced versions. On ScheduleOnce, this does not exist. Also, rescheduling meetings is not very easy – you not only have to change the schedule to the new dates, but must also send a cancellation notice and reinvite to the invitee. These additional steps are rather counter-intuitive on a product that is built to solve these exact pain points. But across the internet, you should find a lot of fanboys for the product and that speaks volumes about the quality of the product itself. What ScheduleOnce does, it does it really well and that perhaps is the reason for its popularity.

Here is a summary of its ratings.

Reviewer Ratings (out of 5)
G2Crowd 4.6
MerchantMaverick 4