SEOPressor Connect

SEOPressor Connect WordPress plugin for SEOSEOPressor Connect is a WordPress plugin that is built to provide comprehensive search engine optimization tools within a single dashboard on your WordPress blog. The tool has been around six 2010 and claims to power more than 23 million WordPress pages today. It is owned by Daniel Tan, the cofounder and CEO of


SEOPressor does everything that you would expect an on-page SEO optimization tool to do. This includes on-page keyword analysis, link management, crawler control and broken link detection. Here is a brief overview of the various things you can hope to achieve with SEOPressor Connect.

On-Page Analysis

The on-page analysis feature of SEOPressor analyzes your blog posts for various pre-set keywords and validates them for over-optimization, latent semantic indexing (LSI) check and SemantiQ density analysis. LSI is primarily mapping the various words with their semantic forms (synonyms, abbreviations and sentimentally related) to understand the true keyword density within a blog post. The tool also monitors other factors like readability so that your content is undestandable to the average audience.

SEO Intelligence

Besides analyzing content that is about to be posted, SEOPressor also analyzes the entire website from time to time to look for flaws like absence of headers, meta tags, broken links,etc. The objective of the feature is automate the SEO auditing so that you can receive alerts anytime something goes wrong.

Semantic Builder

SEOPressor lets you enable schema settings for content within your article. This is especially useful if you are a local business that wants to tag the business name, address, phone number (NAP), reviews and industry related details on your website.

Dynamic Crawler Control

Manage how the various bots and crawlers access your website from one dashboard. Users can set custom rules for various robots, set canonical redirects and also generate XML sitemaps from within one place. SEOPressor brings together features from multiple independent plugins into one place on your WordPress backend.

Smart Link Manager

Cross-linking is given a great deal of attention by SEO agencies looking at distributing link juice. The Smart Link Manager helps users automatically link to relevant pages of your site where you can also enable/disable links and set link policies.


SEOPressor is available at one price of $9/month. For this price, the user gets access to unlimited on page analysis, unlimited domains and free lifetime updates. The last point is a little misleading given that the product is priced with a monthly subscription and updates can only be availed as long as one is paying for the product. The term itself is probably a vestige from an earlier avatar of SEOPressor that was available to customers at a one-time fee of around $77.

Price $9/month
Number of domains Unlimited
On-page analysis Unlimited
Updates Lifetime (till end of subscription)


Good Choice Of Features: A number of reviewers are happy with the choice of features available on this SEO tool. This is especially true with features like “over optimization” that tells users when their content begins to appear extremely optimized. Google is well known to penalize websites that are made for search engines and not for users, and this is a good feature that helps users with fixing that.

Multiple Keyword Support: For $9 a month, you get access to optimizing your post for up to 3 keywords. This is a great alternative to the Yoast plugin that only offers one keyword to be optimized per post. Having said that, it also needs to be remembered that the Yoast alternative is free (the premium plugin with multiple keyword support is priced at around $69) and unless you absolutely want to optimize each post for three keywords, Yoast is a good enough free alternative to this.

Helps with SEO: One user who has been using the plugin for more than a year notes that SEOPressor does have a noticeable impact in the search rankings. According to her, she has been able to achieve a top five ranking within a week after posting, thanks to the plugin. I have however not been able to test the veracity of this statement from other sources.

Customer Support: According to multiple reviews on the Warrior Forum, the customer service at SEOPressor may leave a lot to be desired. One user writes that the team does not respond to support requests after an item has been purchased. Another user notes that he was unable to get support even after calling and leaving a message while another could not get a response even during the pre-sell period. Having said that, customers who did raise an issue about this on forums appear to have got instant support and resolution.

Not For Advanced Users: As one reviewer points out, SEOPressor, as well as alternatives like Yoast, do a basic job of identifying the keyword in the header tags and other parts of the content. Any seasoned SEO professional may well know to write content for the users and not for search engines and so unless you are sticking to the SEO basics, you may not really find this tool necessary. A lot of the features can be done manually. Also, there are a few free broken link checkers and semantic builders that should get the job done for you if you do not wish to spend $9 a month on SEOPressor.

In all, SEOPressor is a good plugin that makes on-page SEO optimization easy on WordPress blogs. There are a few minor irritants like lack of good support and the availability of free alternatives that go more or less a good job that makes SEOPressor marginally less attractive. But regardless of how you feel about the product, reading reviews of the product online is not a good idea. SEOPressor has an affiliate program and a major chunk of the blogs “reviewing” the product are pushing their affiliate link as well. This makes it difficult for a reader to make a rational judgment on whether or not this is going to be useful. You may either request a free trial or if you don’t mind spending $9 to check if it works for you, you may always go for it. Don’t forget to share what you think in the comments below.