BuzzStream and BuzzMaker for Link BuildingBuzzStream is a useful tool for link builders and digital marketers to expedite their networking and prospecting tasks. The company was founded in 2008 by serial entrepreneur Paul May and is today used by thousands of businesses including Rackspace, Razorfish, Blueclaw and HomeAway. The BuzzStream operations are handled by a tiny team based out of their office in Austin, Texas.


The main objective of BuzzStream is to help marketers research, connect and manage relationships with influencers.

Building Prospect Lists

One of the most advertised utilities of BuzzStream is its ability to build prospect lists with very little effort. You start with installing the BuzzMarker Google Chrome extension from BuzzStream. Once done, you can instantly view the contact email and social network handles of media writers and contributors. These details can be stored into your prospect database along with unique tags and notes that you can create to segment the various prospects or help you with information to personalize your message at a later time.

Email Templates

BuzzStream is also an outreach and prospecting tool and comes with the ability to create multiple email templates that you could use to outreach with. One impressive feature here is the ability to instantly view the success rate of each of your different templates. This allows marketers to pick a template that has most success with and therefore maximize their outreach success. In addition to this, marketers can also personalize each of their emails so that you can keep your outreach emails unique and targeted while at the same time using the templates to make the process more efficient.

Bulk Outreach

In addition to individual prospecting, BuzzStream also lets you send outreach emails en masse. Or, you also have a middle ground where you can scrape through several email and contact details with one click of the BuzzMarker and then going through your outreach one by one (by personalizing each email separately).


BuzzStream is integrated with a host of different service providers that you may already be using to build a prospecting list. This includes CRM tools like Salesforce as well as influencer tracking services for digital marketing agencies like BuzzSumo, Moz, MajesticSEO, Ahrefs and FollowerWonk.

Contact Management

If you are not using an independent CRM, then BuzzStream could double as your platform for managing customer details. All conversations and communications along with contact details are stored in BuzzStream. Team members have the option of assigning any particular contact to a specific member to pursue.


There are four different plans to choose from and this is depending on how many team members exist and the volume of your outreach. Startup businesses with one or two team members may sign up with the “Starter” package that costs $24/month and this comes with the ability to store 1000 contacts, 30 prospecting searches and 1000 monitored links a month. For greater needs, you can pick one of their upgradeable packages like Group ($99/month), Professional ($299/month) and Custom ($999/month).

Besides the ability to reach out to a larger number of prospects and managing a larger contact list, these higher plans also have advanced features like project performance reporting, customizable permissions, API integration (only for Professional and Custom) and a dedicated account manager (for Custom plans). All plans get access to the BuzzMarker extension, email performance reports, Outreach templates and influencer metrics.

Starter Group Professional Custom
Price $24/mo $99/mo $299/mo $999/mo
Contacts 1000 25000 100000 300000+
Prospecting searches 30 250 1000 4000+
Link monitoring 1000 links 25000 links 100000 links
BuzzMarker yes yes yes yes
Outreach templates yes yes yes yes
Phone/email support no yes yes yes
Link reporting no yes yes yes
API integration no no yes yes
Team reports no no yes yes
Dedicated account manager no no no yes


Exhaustive Discovery: If you are looking to reach out to influencers, BuzzStream will be nothing short of amazing. The ‘Discovery’ tool lets users look up influencers based on a number of factors including keywords, publication history, social media activity and engagement. One user writes that they have noticed a 40% increase in their CTR of sponsored content simply from this.

Reliable: One of the concerns I had while looking into BuzzStream is about the reliability of the contact details that the software pulls out. According to people who have given the product a try, these details are fairly accurate and reliable.

Slow: This is not a recurring complaint, but according to at least one user, BuzzStream can be quite slow for the kind of work it does. Given that the tool helps quickly send pre-fabricated emails to prospects, the tool can be slow and sometimes freeze so that it defeats the purpose of using this tool to send out emails to prospects.

Loss of information: More than one user has pointed that BuzzStream is likely to lose information you store in its database. I am not exactly sure how it happens, but it can possibly happen when sharing contact details among team members and here, the notes and tags can go missing as well.

Learning curve: There is definitely a learning curve that is required when it comes to performing some functions like using the advanced filters or integrating your email. However, once you have passed this hurdle, using the tool can be a breeze. This should not be a concern if you are looking for the Custom plan though since it comes with employee training and onboarding as part of the plan.

Customer Service: Except for one minor gripe from a customer during the post-holiday season, most reviews from customers has been extremely positive. The team at BuzzStream is known to personally take you through any technical issues and that is a great plus in my opinion. Having said that, it was not easy to know what plan these customers had signed up. If you are using a ‘Starter’ package that does not contain email or phone support, make sure you confirm the availability of technical support before you sign up.