SumoMe website toolsSumoMe (now Sumo) is a bunch of free to use tools that are useful to grow your website traffic. The service comes from the stables of AppSumo which is run by the popular marketer Noah Kagan. The SumoMe suite of tools have been deployed on more than 480,000 websites, including the likes of Airbnb, The Chive, SocialMediaExaminer and Canva.


SumoMe has a suite of tools that has continued to expand over the past few years. The list of features detailed below is what exists when this article was last updated.

List Builder

The List Builder is a pop up email capture form that comes with exit-intent detection. This enables websites to show an offer or promotional message just as the visitor is about to leave. The form is completely customizable in terms of interface and can easily integrate with third party email marketing tools like MailChimp, Aweber and Constant Contact. If you are a Pro user, you also get additional features like A/B testing, custom designed templates and rule-based display (show different popups to the different sources of traffic).

Heat Maps

This is similar to what CrazyEgg does and provides website owners a visual interpretation of where users are clicking on any given webpage. All heatmap reports are real-time and gives you the exact insights you will need to make your page convert better. Free users are limited to 1000 clicks per campaign.

Share For SumoMe

This is a simple social sharing widget for websites to let visitors easily click and share their content on social media. The product has smart sharing options that identifies the high converting sharing options for each page and customizes the widget accordingly. Pro users also get the option to tag UTM parameters to the shared links that lets you track the exact link that is bringing new visitors to your website.

Besides these, SumoMe also has a bunch of other tools:

Welcome Mat: a full-page overlay that is shown to visitors on entry. Helps in getting new subscribers.

Scroll Box: Another form of email capture form that shows up after the visitor has scrolled through a pre-determined percentage of the page.

Content Analytics: Real-time feedback on what portion of your articles get read and thereby helps marketers identify where exactly visitors stop reading and thus where to place call to action buttons. This is similar to the Scrollmaps on CrazyEgg.

Image Sharer: Similar to the ‘Pin it’ button plugin from Pinterest, Image Sharer gives users a wider host of sharing options upon image hover. This is especially useful if you have an image-heavy website and yet your audience is not primarily on Pinterest.

Smart Bar: Similar to the Hello bar from the Kissmetrics team, the Smart bar provides users with a tiny floating strip on the top of the web page that can be used to gather email addresses of your visitors.

Highlighter: Simple feature that lets visitors highlight certain sections of your webpage before sharing them.

Contact form: An easy to embed contact form for your webpage

Google Analytics: An easy to deploy integration that lets users track visitors without leaving the website.

Discover: A script that lets SumoMe users cross-promote their websites on other SumoMe websites. This is a little similar to how Outbrain works. Pro users get double the traffic and can feature as many articles as they choose.


All apps are free to use on websites with up to 1 million monthly visits. Users seeking advanced Pro features like A/B testing, Insights, Integrations without the SumoMe branding can choose the Pro version that costs between $39/month and $399/month depending on the website traffic levels.

Plan Traffic Price
Free up to 1 million visits/month $0
Pro up to 25K visits/month $39/mo
Pro up to 100K visits/month $79/mo
Pro up to 1 million visits/month $119/mo
Pro unlimited starts $399/mo


Ease of use: From a marketer’s perspective, SumoMe is a joy to work with. There is only one script to embed and once done, administration of all the different tools can be done right from the dashboard. It is hence quite easy to activate or deactivate the various tools and customize these tools right from one dashboard page.

Integration: The tool is tightly integrated with a number of email marketing tools like MailChimp, Constant Contact, Emma and Aweber. Also, the user can integrate their Google Analytics in order to view traffic details right from inside the website. For a free tool, the integrations are quite nifty and seamless to use.

Difficult to cancel subscription: I am not sure if this is an experience for many users, but according to at least one user, it can be quite difficult to cancel the monthly subscription. This user says that although the company has detailed documentation on the cancellation process, the cancellation option itself may many times be unavailable for the user.

Can be slow: The SumoMe tool is easy to implement and lets you manage several aspects of your website with just one script. But adding so many features can also make it slow. One user points out a lagging performance when multiple options are installed. Again, this is not a recurring complaint and I am not sure if this is common.

Little expensive: Let’s be fair here – for a free user, SumoMe is pretty fantastic and does a lot of things for free. However, if you do decide to pay for it, there are two complaints here. One is that the tool itself can be a little expensive. For a website that receives as little as 30,000 visits a month, SumoMe can cost as much as $79/month if the user wants the Pro features. Pro users also feel that while the features available for free are fantastic, they do not seem to get a whole bunch of features and customizations that they deserve as a paying subscriber.

SumoMe is pretty fantastic and adds a lot of useful features to your website. But for a paying user, there appears to be not enough incentive for them to keep paying. But considering that SumoMe has always been a work-in-progress, one can be sure to see a lot of premium features become available over time.