Producteev task management for businesses and individualsProducteev is a task management software for business teams. It is owned by New York based Jive software who acquired the product in 2012, four year after it was launched by Ilan Abehassera and Aric Lasry. The product had raised over $1.3 million in funds till then over three rounds and its prominent customers include Financial Times, Stanford University, Hitachi and Skull Candy to mention a few.


Producteev is a simple tool to organize your tasks into clean to-do lists. The default free version comes with unlimited users, projects and tasks/subtasks. It lets business accounts create a network that is primarily an interface that brings together all projects, tasks and collaborators in one place. Users can create new projects or collaborate on existing projects where you may set up collaborative to-do lists that can be accessible to all collaborators. Privacy management features ensure that you can easily customize individual projects to ensure who gets to see and who doesn’t.


The core element of Producteev is a task that is a to-do item. You can either set it as a one-time item or a recurring reminder. Individual tasks may be assigned to specific collaborators, priorities be set up on them and they may be tracked or commented on by all the individual collaborators. You may also make use of labels to mark individual tasks with specific colors that pertain to specific priority levels, collaborators, etc.

Each task can have an unlimited number of subtasks that help granularize the tasks into more detailed components. You may set a deadline for these subtasks or for the task as a whole. These deadlines can be set either using the deadline field or within the task comment using the exclamation(!) prefix. Other shortcuts that are commonly used within a comment incude @ (to mark specific collaborators), + (to assign tasks to specific users), # (to assign labels) or * ( to set a priority). Tasks can be filtered based on any of the above parameters like assigned users, labels, priorities or deadlines.

Producteev makes it easy to collaborate either from the website dashboard or from your email. You can create new tasks by simply emailing [email protected] File attachments can be made within tasks either from your computer or through third party storage sites like and


Users can set reminders and notifications for every task or for deadlines. These notifications may be sent either via email or as push notifications to your smartphone through the Producteev app.

Mobile App

Producteev may be accessed from any web or mobile platform. This includes dedicated apps for you Windows or Mac computers, as well as for iPhone, iPad or Android phones. If you use Outlook to check emails at work, then Producteev also has an Outlook app that can help you turn emails into tasks, include action items within emails that can be synced with your Producteev tasks, schedule times to work on individual tasks from within the Outlook calendar and seamlessly access projects and people from within Outlook.


Producteev is mostly free to use for users. Almost all the core functionalities, including unlimited users projects and tasks. Free users also get access to their mobile apps and other collaboration features like the ability to collaborate from email, track activities and exporting tasks. However, if you need access to their Outlook app or the ability to customize the network colors and logo, then you will need to subscribe to their Premium plan that comes at $99/month. At this price, you also get access to personalized support team.

Free plan Premium Plan
Price $0 $99/month
Collaboration features unlimited unlimited
Outlook app no yes
Personalized support no yes
Network colors & logo customization no yes


You can’t ask for more from a tool that provides almost everything for free. However, a lot of the vociferous negative reviews come from long-time users of the tool who are evidently not happy with the direction that the product has taken since it was acquired by Jive in 2012. Here are some of them.

Usability: One of the biggest selling points of Producteev was its snappy and simple way to get things done. This doesn’t seem to be the case since Jive rebuilt it and some users complain that the product now feels sluggish and users may often find themselves having to refresh the page in order for their inputs to register.

Functionality: Again, another thing that Producteev took pride in was the sheer amount of functionality on offer. While I could not make out what these functionalities are, some users claim that the product no longer has all these different functionalities that existed before it was acquired by Jive.

However, as a lot of other reviews show, the product is still well worth all the praise. Here are some reasons why users love the product.

Learning Curve: You spend next to nothing getting used to the different features of the site. Premium users who have used the Outlook integration comment on how it can make the product seamless and very much part of your email with little training required.

Integration: Producteev is not just useful for in-house collaboration, but also for third party contracts. The product integrates well with freelancing sites like TaskRabbit that make it possible for you to collaborate with freelancers working on different projects from within your Outlook window. Other apps that you can instantly integrate include Sunrise (an iOS calendar app), Toggl (for time tracking) and Zapier (a web app integrator). You may also make use of the Producteev API to connect your task management with your own inhouse applications.

What is missing: Some users have requested support for products like Apple Watch which I think is not a deal-breaker. Others have complained about minor bugs that cause the app to crash or support links that take the user nowhere. But perhaps one missing feature worth discussing is the inability to work offline. Users need to be connected to the internet which I think is a minor irritant. It would be great if the product has a local cache that can take in inputs that get synchronized later when the user is connected back to the internet.

Overall, Producteev is a fantastic tool for project management. What has your experience been like? Share them in the comments.