CallRail phone call tracking for marketing campaign analysisTracking online conversions of your website visitors is easy with tools like Google Analytics. But what if you want to monitor the performance of your inbound phone leads? CallRail is a SaaS tool that helps businesses study the performance and conversion rates of your inbound phone enquiries and understand what makes your phone ring. The company was founded in 2011 and is based out of Atlanta, Georgia.


Call tracking is a critical element if you have your phone numbers listed in any of your marketing materials – be it flyers, PPC advertisements or even billboards. This is how it works. CallRail customers can pick between thousands of local and toll-free numbers across North America for use in their marketing campaigns. Alternately, businesses with established phone numbers may also choose to port these existing numbers into the CallRail system.

You may either promote these numbers independently through your various marketing campaigns or make use of the “dynamic number insertion” feature that allows you to display the appropriate phone number to a website visitor depending on the campaign they are coming from. For instance, business owners may choose to show phone number A to search engine visitors and phone number B to people coming from Facebook.

CallRail uses the phone number mapping to identify the keywords and campaigns driving leads to your business. The reports are delivered in real-time and users may choose to receive email notifications on all details gathered about the lead. This includes called ID data, vistor timeline, their navigational behavior prior to calling the number and also helps businesses identify specific web pages that are delivering the conversions.

Advanced features of the tool include integration with other sales and marketing platforms like Google Analytics, Salesforce, Kissmetrics and WordPress, setting up interactive voice response systems, scheduling call forwarding based on the time of call, multi-phone call forwarding (Simulcall), SIP routing and call follow up.


Every CallRail account gets a free 14 day trial. The product is available in three distinct plans – Starter, Pro and Elite. The Starter plan costs $30 a month and comes with all the necessary features for businesses to track calls and analyze performance. In addition to the features, the account also gets 10 local numbers, 500 local minutes and 100 text messages as part of the package. Additional usage comes at an additional cost. The Pro plan is $130/month includes more advanced features like premium integrations, managed account setup, custom branding and a white labelled subdomain. In addition to this, you also get 20 local numbers, 2500 local minutes and 500 text messages. Elite plan holders have custom quotes depending on their requirements. Here is a comparison of the Starter and Pro plans.

Starter Pro
Price $30/mo $130/mo
Local numbers 10 20
Local minutes 500 2500
Text messages 100 500
Addl. phone number $3 local + $5 toll-free $2.50 local + $4.50 toll-free
Extra minutes 5¢ local + 8¢ toll-free 4.5¢ local + 6.1¢ toll-free
Extra text messages 1.6¢ per message 1¢ per message


There are a lot of things to like about CallRail. According to a customer whose reviewed the product on G2Crowd, the first and foremost thing about CallRail is it is super simple to use and quite user-friendly. The product is easy to set up and dynamic tracking is efficient. Customer support is another area where CallRail does well. Most queries are answered within a day and setting up new accounts, especially if you are an agency, is straightforward. There are agencies who deal with more than 50+ clients using CallRail and that tells you a lot about the efficiency of the system.

The reviewers have however spelled out some disappointments. The entry level product, some say, does not have sufficient advanced reporting features that competing products have. Also, while there are more integrations possible than you would probably need, some integrations are not very well done. The Google Analytics integration, for example, does not show the complete information on the Analytics interface and you may need to export the raw data from CallRail to get the information you need. But at $30/month for the entry level package, this product is quite inexpensive and the reviewers on this platform have rated CallRail an impressive 4.7 stars out of 5.

There is only one review for CallRail on GetApp and this user has rated the product 4 stars. She writes that the product is great on two counts: it is extemely reliable and also easy to use. As someone who uses CallRail for her clients’ Adwords campaigns, she says the keyword call tracking gives agencies valuable insights necessary to optimize their campaigns. However, some dashboard reports are not easy to sort and this minor feature may require to be tweaked.

There are close to a dozen reviews on the CallRail Facebook page and these reviewers have rated the product a full 5 stars. Users call the design intuitive and user-focused and as a business looking at optimizing your campaigns, you will definitely regard the $30-$130 monthly expense as an investment well spent.

Let me finally close the review aggregation by looking at a review posted by user Brian Jackson on his website. Brian writes that there are very few alternatives that come close in terms of the price and features offered. One that he calls the closest is Convirza that is however too pricey for small business owners. At the price point, he says the reports are quite exhaustive and gives you a wide range of columns to pick and sort from. All report pages can be customized the way you want them. Also, the support is quick and although they do not have a phone number you can reach out on, most responses are within 15-25 minutes. So that is something that is going well for them.

Here is a summary of all the ratings.

Reviewer Ratings (out of 5)
G2Crowd 4.7
GetApp 4
Facebook CallRail Page 5