Top Three ‘Millennial Workplace’ Trends Changing The Business Industry Forever

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The millennial generation is one full of wonder and exploration that prides itself on growth and advancements rather than accepting its current ways and never pushing forward. Despite the menial flaws millennials possess that are all too often harshly scrutinized by previous generations, these young minds continue to shape the world as we know it today and create a brighter future because of it.

According to the historian and poet, Aberjhani, when speaking of this modern generation, “You are the hybrids of golden worlds and ages splendidly conceived.” Although this may seem like a bit much, the conception of the modern world has been through the hands of the revolutionaries of every generation. It will only continue to be molded and formed through the hands of the millennial youth now joining the workforce and making a difference one idea at a time.

However, perhaps the most heavily affected aspect of our modern generation isn’t within the fields these young minds work within but rather the way they work and the companies they choose to work for. With fresher ideals and a unique take on both work as well as employee engagement, the millennial workplace is certainly not like that of its predecessors and continues to change, becoming even more unique as each day passes.

Once you recognize the trends, you can see that the millennial workplace has transformed the job industry through the incorporation of modern consumer tech in business, through the addition of various other benefits on top of a working wage, and through the encouragement of eco-friendly initiatives in the workplace which promote collaboration and employee engagement in a way that actually helps our earth. With all of this in mind, it is no wonder that the millennial workplace and the trends that make it successful are currently the most popular trends in the business industry and the workforce it attains.

Incorporation of Modern Consumer Tech in Business 

When you typically think of virtual reality, you may automatically assume that this technology is simply utilized by gamers and the average consumer. However, with more millennials joining the tech industry than ever before thanks to a thriving STEM system, it is no wonder that this once game-oriented industry is now clashing head-on with the workforce and the many collaborative projects within it.

In fact, last year alone, a record $2.3 billion was invested in VR/AR technology, exceeding the previous year’s investments by over 140 percent. This correlates to a drastic demand in virtual reality and augmented reality devices and interfaces which have begun to be utilized in various business settings for various purposes, such as 3D model analysis, data visualization, product testing, and even international collaboration without the need for travel or a waste in travel expenses. With 3D model analysis using haptic gloves and CAVE technology, companies were finally able to test products and look at models in a more realistic manner without wasting materials to create prototypes.

Furthermore, with data visualization, companies have finally been able to view big data sets that otherwise would need to be drilled down or cropped to avoid the risk of data loss. In fact, although the chances of data loss through virtual reality interfaces are slim to none in comparison to their media-limited predecessors, there are multiple virtual data recovery companies that provide data recovery through interfaces such as VMware, making virtual reality data visualization the most secure and efficient data visualization tool of its kind.

Lastly, by removing the need for international travel in order to have meetings face to face and collaborate accordingly, virtual reality has significantly lowered the need for international business travel and reduced travel-related carbon emissions in our atmosphere likewise. Therefore, virtual reality has made a significant impact not only on the convenience of business technology but also on our environment and its health.

There are many other ways that modern technology has been incorporated into the business industry, but one of the most exciting ways is through the customer experience. By creating convenient technology, businesses have ultimately brought the consumers to them and made what once was a hassle far simpler for them to achieve. Some strategies businesses have incorporated include website building, optimizing videos for business sites, and even creating engaging content for small businesses.

For instance, by utilizing one of the various different website design companies out there to create an optimized site, consumers are now able to create their own engaging sites and content. This not only makes it easier for small businesses to grow but also makes it easier for the companies behind these products to earn money without hiring multiple web developers in the process. Another perfect example is the Javascript webcam and video ingest API by Clipchamp, a video technology company that has ultimately made video optimization for sites an easy and efficient process. By doing this, not only do small companies grow and ideas get shared more efficiently, but companies also are able to connect the average consumer with the tech industry and build a workforce and industry that is strongly connected to our society and ever-expanding within it.

Providing More Than Just a Wage 

All too often, millennials find themselves struggling to balance work, college, and finances whilst still pursuing their dream careers. However, modern millennial companies have chosen to tackle these obstacles one at a time to create a happier and more stable workforce that not only feels engaged at work but in their everyday lives as well. For instance, many property managers are often warned of the possibilities and liabilities of renting to millennials, making it often difficult for these young individuals to find places that aren’t directly provided for them by their colleges or family members. However, a recent statement release by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg proves that these new companies are hoping to provide their employees with more affordable and efficient lifestyles. According to Zuckerberg, the company is currently building an all-new Facebook Campus that will host 1,500 apartments, a complete downtown including a grocery store, restaurants, bars, daycare, and more where his employees will be able to stay as long as they work for the company.

Although this may seem outlandish and over-the-top in nature, this is simply yet another way that modern millennial companies are making a difference in their employees’ lives beyond their paychecks. Furthermore, according to a recent study, these companies continue to thrive and attract millennials due to the fact that they encourage ideas, embrace improvement even in management, allow their employees to be able to take vacations and sick days, create company health initiatives to keep employees in shape, and encourage employees to be able to talk with one another and collaborate in a far more relaxed and less quota-driven work environment.

Encouraging Eco-Friendly Initiatives and Telecommuting 

Despite all the initiatives which are simply there to make work more engaging, the incorporation of eco-friendly initiatives and telecommuting opportunities in modern business not only increases employee engagement and retention but also makes the world a healthier place by reducing carbon emissions and encouraging recycling and other green tactics.

For instance, a recent article highlighted a particular CEO that paid employees $2,000 to travel when working during particular times of the year. Not only did he say that his employees were more productive than ever, but he also said that they were beginning to incorporate green travel into their business likewise.

In fact, the greening of business travel and the encouragement of telecommuting has enabled many young individuals to become full-time travelers and experience the world — all while working for companies that respect them and their journeys. Furthermore, with such eco-friendly initiatives being encouraged in business travel and telecommuting, many people have begun to notice that millennials have reignited the RV market and have begun to adamantly encourage going green in your RV as well.

This not only has helped the economy and encouraged many older generations to sell their once-undesired recreational vehicles to the younger generation but also created a workforce that is not tied down to the typical constructs of a desk in an office. This inevitably allows these individuals the ability to travel, learn, grow, and use their experiences to their advantage in their current fields in order to solve problems and create advancements, which ultimately prove they are formulating a brighter future today.

In the end, the incorporation of these modern business tactics have made for a more engaged, proud, and determined workforce that is not stressed by the socioeconomic position they are in or the deadlines they face. Although it may be different, different is exactly what has made us who we are today and what has fueled some of the most inventive creations of our modern world. After all, creatives are simply flowers waiting to bloom, and, by adding water and nurturing them to grow, you can see just how vibrant and beautiful the future truly is.

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