Video Cameras Review: Finding the Best Video Camera for You

Video camera is a perfect gadget to capture the best moments of your trip, a special occasion or even your daily routine in life.  It helps you record special moments so you could go back to it and reminisce. You may also share these moments with people you love who may be far from you at the moment.

In this post, we will share to you some reviews of video cameras to help you find the most suitable one for you that fits your needs and your lifestyle.

  1. Sony PJ530

If you’re after a high-quality video-recording performance, then you can never go wrong with Sony PJ530. It records 1080p video at 50fps. This is perfect for professional shoots with its 30x optical zoom feature that goes to 60x without breaking up. Another feature that you will surely enjoy is the USB tail, which allows you to easily plug it into a computer for easier transfer of captured videos. This is definitely perfect for every day use, and for professional shoots.

  1. Panasonic HC-VX870EB-K

Do you have a tight budget? Do not worry because you can still find a camera that performs well. With Panasonic HC-VX870EB-K, you can record at 4K at 25fps, and you can extract individual frames at 8-megapixel. You will also love the 20x optical zoom feature as well as 5-axis optical image stabiliser solution, which allows you to combine footage from your smartphone as a picture in picture through WI-FI connection. And all those features you can enjoy at a low price. This model is probably one of the most affordable ones in the market that you can still consider for it’s reliable performance. This is perfect to use for family outings.

  1. JVC Everio FZ-R315DEK

If you are looking for the traditional feel of a camcorder, then this one is perfect for you. This model is very sturdy and can survive challenging outdoor trips. You will definitely love the long-life battery that can last up to 5 hours. Not bad really. It has 10-megapixel feature for still photos and zoom microphone feature in case you are doing video production.

  1. Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 4K Camera

This model is a hybrid camera designed for professional photo shoots and video recording. It is perfect for out of town trips with friends and family. It has 16.05-megapixel Digital Live MOS sensor and 4-CPU venus engine that allows capturing of JPEG and RAW photos in high resolution. It is indeed one of the best 4K cameras you can find today.

  1. GoPro Hero4 Silver

For people who love to travel and do outdoor activities, GoPro camera is definitely perfect. Hero4 Silver records up to 4K at 15fps and 1080p at 60fps and 720p at 120fps. You will be able to record high-quality videos with its top-notch image sensor and processor. It is very convenient to bring anywhere too. This is indeed the perfect camera for people with active and adventurous lifestyle.

Hopefully this post would help you find a video camera that is best for you. Do not hesitate to make comparisons first between different models to ensure that you will buy a reliable one.