Application to view Digg

Ajax is at work, yet again. You can download this AJAX application to constantly view which stories are making to the front page on Digg.

This also gives you a bird’s eye view of the digg’s queue stories.To download it, unzip the download file locally and launch diggGraph.html

It is not that this is the first of its kind. Digg itself has developed applications to track such info on its website. But I thought viewing such an application will help you, if you were a web programmer looking for how the application for Digg was developed.

Mashups – How internet grows from here..

Got a forward of a video from my friend. Shall upload it soon on You Tube..In it, David Berlind from ZDNet talks about how internet is moving ahead with what is called mashups. Mashups are being talked about for sometime now.

However, for those who do not know, Mashups are basically using the Application Programming Interface(APIs) from different sources of the internet to create your own mashup which can provide a unique service. For example, have you heard of Wikimapia? It uses the services of Google Earth and provides a service where you can edit info about different places on earth;something which Google Earth(the API here) does not itself provide.

Same way are those applications that help you find the singles available in your locality, crimes in your area,etc. It is indeed an interesting trend. Next time you plan to take up computer programming courses, take something in the direction of Web 2.0, and do not stop with the traditional C++ or Java.

Want to make money!?? – Virus

I am posting it so that you can avert something that my friend caught up with today. Today, as he opened his Yahoo messenger, he had a message from his friend. His friend had referred him to a URL to make money from Internet.

My friend usually hates SPAM, but since this was from his friend, decided to click on it. And here it goes, his computer got infected with Trojan. When I checked my account after this, here it was – a message from this friend with a referral to the same URL.

If only I had clicked it(which I would have, had I not known it in advance), the virus would then be spreading to my friend’s computers as a message from my account. This virus seemingly disables task manager and other activities. Get your computer anti-virus updated immediately and do not click on any link from your friends in Yahoo messenger.

Podcasting for non-native English speakers

I recently was involved in an online debate with a podcaster about the merits and demerits of having a podcast for your website publicity. The Podcaster was like podcasting is the best thing to have happened to Internet next to blogging and was talking about the great value it enhances to a website. Maybe, he just wanted people to buy his podcasting software! Or probably, he was indeed speaking the truth.

One of my contentions was that Podcasting was not for everybody. I say this, because, I am myself an Indian and so my accent(though better than most of them here) is still not what native English speakers would want to hear. So, I might shoot myself on the foot if I go for a podcast, since in a conventional website, nobody cares about how I speak. But if I podcast, listeners might be put off, if they cannot understand what I am speaking.

It was just then that I thought about any software that might exist that would help in transforming my voice and accent to American-like or Englishman-like. Maybe, I can talk in my own sweet English, and at the click of a button, I can transform my speech to that delivered by an American speaker. It is not impossible. While, I was not able to get this exact requirement over Google, I was able to locate something that did something of a similar function.

This software, called AV Voice changer is designed not just for such podcasters, but also for online chatters, own audio message producers etc. It polishes your voice, improves quality, and while not changing the accent and dialect, helps a voice makeover that is better understood by a Westerner.

The software maker actually claimed that ninth graders from India actually made use of the software to make their voice over and take mathematics classes to junior school students from the west and make money out of that. While I doubt Indian parents actually spending $100 on a software of this sort(trust me, school children of that age are quite busy in India, and would not actually be taking classes to make money!), I think it does make a nice business sense for professional webmasters who want to podcast to check out on similar softwares that helps in improving your voice quality over a podcast.

Visit a random website or webpage

Blogger provides an option at the top of all blogspot pages where you can click and visit a random page each time you click. Blogger does this in order to provide an extra amount of traffic to blogs and also for those bored ones checking on blogs at random.

I found this link at URoulette. Here you can visit random webpages by simply clicking on the link. This is much better since you get to visit other websites and not simply Blogger blogs.

If you want to have one such link on your website too, then include it with the hyperlink to

If you do not want your visitors to get out of your page, then ensure that the random link opens in a new window. You can do this by coding the anchor link as

< a href = "" target = "_blank">Random< /a>

Google Music Trends – Make your vote count!

Have you used Google Music trends? It is a wonderful way to make your favorite album on top of charts. If you have opted in for Music trends, Google then reads your chosen music player like iTunes, Winamp, Media Player; and the songs you play are immediately used to make an anonymous vote to the particular song. You can view the current top charts here.

If you also want to opt in, all you have to do is follow these simple steps.

1. Download and Install Gtalk
2. Click Settings -> Audio -> Share music listening history with Gtalk
3. Click OK to apply your change.

This way, when a huge number of people actually make their choices known, we shall be able to make an accurate judgement of which song is hot and which is not.

Categories for Blogger

Let me kick off my first post with something about myself. Well, I am not a newbie blogger. I already maintain the blog on Digg Stories. And I have been blogging long enough to contemplate moving to a domain of my own where I can talk on all the topics of my interest.But after discussing with other fellow bloggers, I have decided against it.

Here are a few reasons. Basically, the reason I wanted to move to my own domain was because I wanted to turn a pro blogger, which means I shall be writing a lot more and on a variety of more subjects rather than just discussing what is on Digg. To do that, I wanted to move to WordPress since it provides the facility of categorizing the different posts.

But I find some basic disadvantages with this kind of a blog. The problem is both in Search Engine Optimization as well as in Adsense.

SEO requires that pages that link to your one particular webpage are of similar content to yours. So, if you were talking about widgets, the more incoming links you get from webpages talking about widgets, the higher your page will rank. Your page will be adversely affected if pages on various topics link to you.

So, if I have different category topics on my single blog, all of them inevitable link to each other; and so I might lose on my rankings.

Another aspect is with reference to Adsense. Though I do not intend to use Adsense in the near future, that is also an aspect to remember. Adsense displays ads based on what it perceives your page to talk about. If your links talk of varied topics, then chances are high that ads are not targetted enough. So, your clicks suffer..

So, what I have basically done is get myself different Blogspot pages for different themes. And even if I do link them together, my rank will improve since they are from different subdomains(which Google sees as those from different websites). So, page ranking will improve higher compared to one from a different category from inside the same site, which will be the case, if I were to go for a WordPress blog on my very own domain.