Community Engagement on Yahoo Portals

An interesting thing about many of the properties owned by Yahoo is the tiny social elements built around each of these that helps Yahoo make its users engage better within its properties. Here are some stats that supplement this fact

Yahoo Mail and IM Status Updates : 800 million per month
Number of emails on Yahoo Mail : 100 billion per month
Photos uploaded on Flickr : 4 billion (100 million per month)
Questions and Answers posted on Yahoo Answers : 30 million per month (2.4 Q&A per second!)
Number of communities on Yahoo Groups : 10 million (120 million members)
Messages sent via Yahoo Groups : 15 billion per month

How Much Salary Does Yahoo CEO Draw?

Yahoo announced their new CEO in January this year; Carol Bartz. This was the salary offered to her:

Cash Component : $1 million per annum
Stock Options : $5 million
Bonus : $4 if targets were met.

I am not sure if she will get the bonus, and neither does she. Carol had supposedly already unloaded $2 million of her stocks.

Monthly Search Volumes on Yahoo BOSS

Yahoo BOSS is an open search API from Yahoo that lets anyone create a search engine using the Yahoo algorithm. How big is it?

Search volumes in April : 900 million
Estimated search volumes in July : 1.17 billion

This makes Yahoo BOSS as big as, if not larger than Bing.

Interesting 'Did You Knows' From Yahoo South East Asian Country Sites

Here are a few interesting ‘did you know’ facts shared by Yahoo at Ad Tech,Singapore:

Did you know Filipino internet users are twice more likely to click on mobile phone banner ads than those of automobiles?

Did you know more Vietnamese internet users access instant messengers than web based email services monthly?

Did you know Indonesia will have more internet users than any other country in South East Asia by 2012?

Did you know more Malay internet users access Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo mail than any other brand?

Did you know more young Thai internet users have accessed online websites than read newspapers in the past week?

Did you know more marketers have voted Yahoo as the “Online media of the year” in Marketing magazines’ annual surveys since inception?

Yahoo vs. Google in Japan

Unique Japanese visitors to Yahoo properties : 41 million (August)
Unique Japanese visitors to Google properties : 31 million (August)

Search Engine market share in Japan for Yahoo : 65.9%
Search Engine market share in Japan fo Google : 27.8%

Google’s new deal with Japanese mobile phone operator NTT DoCoMo will provide Google search to 48 million NTT DoCoMo customers.

Gmail Vs. Yahoo Mail Vs. Hotmail Vs. AOL

Popularity of each of these mail accounts:

Hotmail : 47 million unique visitors (April)
AOL : 42.3 million unique visitors (April)
Gmail : 90 million (approx. projected for November 2007)
Yahoo mail : 250 million (approx. projected for November 2007)

Growth rate of Gmail is 53.6% compared to Yahoo (3.21%) and Google is projected to overtake Yahoo by 2010.

Is Advertising Gambling sites legal?

No. According to the Federal Wire Wager Act, unregulated commercial gambling is prohibited throughout United States. This has cost the Big 3 of internet to lose cumulatively $31.5 million for having accepted money to advertise gambling website between 1997 and June 2007. The individual fine imposed is as under

Microsoft : $21 million
Yahoo : $7.5 million
Google : $3 million