Facebook User Registrations Timeline

Facebook has hit the 350 million users mark for its social network recently. The website started out in 2004 and while it took close to 4 years to get its first 100 million members, the growth has been terrific ever since. Nothing succeeds like success. Here are the milestone marks along the way

100 million : August 26, 2008
150 million : Jan 7, 2009 (134 days)
200 million : April 8, 2009 (91 days)
250 million : July 15, 2009 (98 days)
300 million : September 15, 2009 (62 days)
350 million : December 1, 2009 (77 days)

How Many Articles in English Wikipedia?

The English Wikipedia is the the largest section among the different languages on Wikipedia. It recently reached the milestone of the three millionth article.

The three millionth article was on a Norwegian actress named Beate Eriksen. Wikipedia has over 10 million registered users apart from millions of unregistered contributors.

Popularity of Online Banking in UK

Nearly one third of the online population in UK has taken to online banking. The number now stands at 10.9 million. The bank with the most online customers was Royal Bank of Scotland with 2.9 million customers. The most popular individual online banking brand was Lloyd’s TSB with 2.8 million customers. The most frequented online account was also with Lloyd’s with the customers making an average of 6.8 visits during the month of January.

How Many Articles Exist on Wikipedia?

Wikipedia reached a milestone 10 million articles recently. The article was a Hungarian article about a sixteenth century painter Nicholas Hilliard. English, which is the most popular language on Wikipedia alone has close to 2.3 million articles. The other popular languages are German, French, Polish, Japanese, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.

2007 Ad-Revenue Gains/Losses Among Media Companies

Not surprisingly, this list is headed by Google. The list of the highest ad revenue gains or losses over the previous year in descending order:

Google – $2.6 billion
NewsCorp – $915 million
Microsoft – $510 million
Viacom – $400 million
Clear Channel Outdoor – $384 million
Yahoo – $361 million
AOL – $345 million
Time Warner – $98 million
Time Inc. – $35 million
Entercom – $28 million
Clear Channel – $1 million
Citadel – ($30 million)
CBS TV – ($51 million)
CBS Radio – ($100 million)
New York Times – ($128 million)
McClatchy – ($179 million)
Glannett – ($338 million)