AT&T Revenue Split-Up By Business

AT&T reported revenues of $2.5 billion and sales worth $30.6 billion for the quarter ending March 2010. So where has this money come from? According to the announcement, close to half of the revenues have come from Ma Bell’s wireless business with another quarter of the sales having been with the wired offerings.

Here is a break down of the $30.6 billion sales by the businesses that AT&T operates

Wireless : 45%
Wireline Data/Managed Services : 24%
Wireline Voice : 24%
Advertising solutions/Others : 7%

Apple Revenues By Product

Following up with Apple’s Quarterly revenues distribution by geography, it also an interesting study to look at it from the product perspective. While the recently announced Q2 listings has not taken iPad into account (launched on April 3), revenues from other devices still look strong.

Here is a split up of Apple’s revenues based on the various devices for the Q2 2010 (Jan – Mar 2010) period. The YoY growth is offered alongside

Mac : $1.53 billion (45%)
Portables : $2.23 billion (17%)
iPod : $1.86 billion (12%)
Music : $1.33 billion (27%)
iPhone : $5.5 billion (124%)
Peripherals : $472 million (32%)
Software & Services : $634 million (1%)

Apple Revenues By Geography

Apple has just announced its latest quarterly earnings. It is apparently the company’s highest ever earnings outside the holiday season. Also impressive is its growth from other geographies, especially Asia Pacific (outside Japan) where revenues grew 184% in the past one year.

Here are the revenues reported by geography for Q2 2010. The YoY growth is provided alongside

Americas : $5 billion (26%)
Europe : $4.05 billion (63%)
Japan : $887 million (51%)
Asia Pacific : $1.89 billion (184%)
Retail : $1.7 billion 22%

Twitter Revenues Estimates

How much money does Twitter make? While realistically, they have just made about $25 million so far following the real-time search deals that they signed with Microsoft and Google, the company expects to monetize via ads soon. However, that would still fail to bring in impressive revenues as a recent report by SharesPost concludes.

In their recent report, SharesPost projects the valuation of the company to be between $650 million to $750 million with annual revenues crossing the $150 million mark by 2013.

Here are the estimated revenues annually for the popular microblogging service

2010 : $45 million
2011 : $85 million
2012 : $125 million
2013 : $151 million
2014 : $170 million

Revenue Per Unique Visitor Of Major Portals

Yes, Facebook has just overtaken Google Search in traffic. What does that amount to? Nothing significant, if a study of the revenue per unique visitor (total revenues divided by the number of unique visitors) was calculated.

Here are the numbers according to data collected by ComScore:

Google : $18.44
AOL : $12
Yahoo : $6
Microsoft : $4.42
Facebook : $3.09
Twitter : $0.62

Silicon Alley Insider puts the study in context:

To estimate these numbers, we took the full year revenue for 2009 for each of the companies below (owned-and-operated sites only) and divided them by their average monthly worldwide uniques. The bottom line: Search gets the most per visitor, then display, and then social.

Did you notice that Twitter gets close to nothing for its traffic?

US Ebook Market Growth

Ever since the eBook as a format appeared in the early part of the decade, the market has been growing steadily. However, the biggest spike has come in the past few years thanks to the proliferation of devices such as Kindle. Also, with iPad and other tablet devices launching this year, can 2010 be the year where we will see eBooks being established as the format of choice?

Here is the revenues made from eBook sale as reported by the Association of American Publishers (AAP). AAP’s estimated numbers for industry wide net sale is provided alongside in brackets.

2006 : $25.2 million ($54 million)
2007 : $31.7 million ($67 million)
2008 : $61.3 million ($113 million)
2009 : $169.5 million

ARPU Of American Wireless Operators

Data ARPU among American mobile network service providers is steadily on the rise since 2004 and the corresponding number for voice has been falling. In a study of the network performance in the last quarter of 2009, Wireless Intelligence has found that ARPU has overall declined thanks to users spreading their spending across multiple connections. Here are the numbers gathered for the top US network carriers

AT&T : $50.69
Cincinnati Bell : $43.89
Leap Wireless : $38.66
MetroPCS : $40.70
nTelos Wireless : $51.48
Sprint : $49.26
T-Mobile : $46.00
US Cellular : $53.55
Verizon Wireless : $50.23

Overall ARPU for Q4 ’09 : $49.31 (down from $50.61 in Q3 ’09)

Fastest Growing Wireless Operators By Revenue

Thanks to the terrific growth in number of subscribers, mobile network service providers from the emerging economies are among the fastest growing companies. According to a recent study by TeleGeography, three companies have doubled their revenues in the past three years and all of them happen to be from the developing world. Here are the list of countries ranked by growth.

> 100% growth
1. MTN
2. Bharti
3. Zain

45%- 100% growth
4. AT&T
5. America Movil
6. China Mobile
7. Vodafone

0%-40% growth
8. Sistema
9. SingTel
10. Verizon
11. Carso
12. Telefonica
13. Deutche Telekom
14. BT

Negative growth
France Telecom

ARPU On Data And Voice For US Wireless Carriers

The average revenue per user (ARPU) on voice has been steadily falling as the data usage has been on the rise. According to a study by Chetan Sharma Consulting, Voice ARPU among American network operators has fallen by close to $15 between 2004 and 2009. On the other hand, data ARPU has increased by nearly $11. While the overall ARPU has definitely fallen, the increase in number of subscribers has meant that the revenues are on an upward trend.

Here are the ARPUs recorded

Voice ARPU
Q4 ’04 : $50
Q4 ’05 : $47
Q4 ’06 : $44
Q4 ’07 : $41
Q4 ’08 : $37
Q4 ’09 : $35

Q4 ’04 : $4.00
Q4 ’05 : $5.50
Q4 ’06 : $8.00
Q4 ’07 : $10.50
Q4 ’08 : $13.00
Q4 ’09 : $15