Apple Revenues By Product

Following up with Apple’s Quarterly revenues distribution by geography, it also an interesting study to look at it from the product perspective. While the recently announced Q2 listings has not taken iPad into account (launched on April 3), revenues from other devices still look strong.

Here is a split up of Apple’s revenues based on the various devices for the Q2 2010 (Jan – Mar 2010) period. The YoY growth is offered alongside

Mac : $1.53 billion (45%)
Portables : $2.23 billion (17%)
iPod : $1.86 billion (12%)
Music : $1.33 billion (27%)
iPhone : $5.5 billion (124%)
Peripherals : $472 million (32%)
Software & Services : $634 million (1%)

Apple Revenues By Geography

Apple has just announced its latest quarterly earnings. It is apparently the company’s highest ever earnings outside the holiday season. Also impressive is its growth from other geographies, especially Asia Pacific (outside Japan) where revenues grew 184% in the past one year.

Here are the revenues reported by geography for Q2 2010. The YoY growth is provided alongside

Americas : $5 billion (26%)
Europe : $4.05 billion (63%)
Japan : $887 million (51%)
Asia Pacific : $1.89 billion (184%)
Retail : $1.7 billion 22%

How Many iPhones Have Been Sold To Date

Apple just released their latest quarterly earnings report and we had already written, the company has clocked its highest earnings in a non-holiday quarter. $5.5 billion of Apple’s revenues in the latest quarter came from the sale of iPhones.

That’s 8.75 million iPhones sold between January – March 2010
In the same period last year, 3.79 million iPhones were sold

This brings the total number of iPhones sold since its launch in 2007 to 51.15 million

Largest Apple Markets In USA

Apple, based out of Cupertino, California has always been popular in the region. A recent study conducted by Experian Simmons confirms this report. According to the report, 32.3% of adult residents in the San Francisco Bay area own at least Apple product like the iPhone, iPod or Mac.

Here is the list of top 10 Apple markets in USA according to the study. The ranking is based on the percentage of adult population who own at least one Apple product

1. San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA
2. Boston, MA
3. San Diego, CA
4. New York, NY
5. Washington, DC
6. Chicago, IL
7. Denver, CO
8. Monterey-Salinas, CA
9. Santa Barbara-Santa Marina-San Luis Obispo, CA
10. Las Vegas, NV

Cost To Manufacture iPad

The entry model of the Apple iPad has been tagged at a price of $499. How much does it cost to make an entry level iPad? Here is a Bill of Material analysis conducted by Broadpoint AmTech analyst Brian Marshall for the $499 iPad.


Brian Marshall also predicts the total cost of the other devices as follows

iPad 32GB : $296.00
iPad 64GB : $347.00
iPad 16GB 3G : $286.50
iPad 32GB 3G : $312.00
iPad 64GB 3G : $363.00

The implied gross margin is the highest for iPad 32GB with 3G at 55.1%

Quarterly Break-down Of iPhone Sales

The iPhone was launched in mid-2007. Nearly ten quarters have passed since then. How many iPhones did Apple sell through each of these quarters? Here is a tabulation of the number of iPhones Apple sold in each of the quarters gone by (including the announcement made yesterday)

Q3 2007 : 270,000
Q4 2007 : 1,120,000
Q1 2008 : 2,300,000
Q2 2008 : 1,700,000
Q3 2008 : 717,000
Q4 2008 : 6,890,000
Q1 2009 : 4,400,000
Q2 2009 : 3,790,000
Q3 2009 : 5,200,000
Q4 2009 : 7,400,000
Q1 2010 : 8,700,000
TOTAL : 42,487,000

Apple broke another record in the quarter gone by selling a record number of iPhones.

Apple Share Of Worldwide Mobile Web

The iPhone is no doubt a major contributor to the web content consumption via mobile phones. In a study conducted by Quantcast, the region with highest influence from Apple to mobile web usage seems to be Oceania where more than 80% of mobile web consumption is from either the iPhone or iPod touch. Here is how the numbers stack up in the different regions for Apple

Oceania : 83% (50% iPhone)
South America : 69% (39% iPhone)
North America : 65% (41% iPhone)
Asia : 57% (41% iPhone)
Europe : 45% (33% iPhone)
Africa : 17% (14% iPhone)

iPhone User Distribution Worldwide

Where do most iPhone users come from? AdMob’s latest report says half the users are just from the US. And that’s by far the only country which has user distribution percentage in double digits. Here are the countries which have the most iPhone users

1. United States : 50%
2. United Kingdom : 8%
3. France : 6%
4. Canada : 4%
5. Germany : 4%
6. Australia : 3%
7. Japan : 3%
8. Italy : 2%
9. China : 1%
10. Netherlands : 1%
Others : 17%

Fastest Growing iPhone Markets

In a recent report released by AdMob, the company studied the number of ad requests sent by iPhones in different parts of the world from January to November of 2009 to find out the fastest growing iPhone markets. Here are the top 10 countries and the percent increase in the number of users from these countries

1. Japan : 340%
2. France : 300%
3. Australia : 280%
4. China : 230%
5. Germany : 225%
6. Italy : 225%
7. Netherlands : 210%
8. United Kingdom : 160%
9. Canada : 115%
10. United States : 102%

Apple Website Traffic Statistics

While it is not an internet property by itself, Apple is still among the top ten internet portals in the US. Most of this could come from users looking to purchase a song or application from iTunes. Here are some statistics about Apple’s website visitors during the month of November

Total number of unique visitors : 62.1 million
Average time spent : 1 hour 18 minutes 23 seconds Per person

This is still a small number compared to Google’s 155.5 million unique visitors per month.