B2B Digital Marketing Trend

According to a study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, an increasing number of B2B companies now rely on digital marketing; especially content marketing to reach out to customers. Here are some interesting statistics from the study

Factor Representation
Content marketing as % of marketing budget (2012) 33%
Content marketing as % of marketing budget (2011) 26%
% marketers planning an increase in 2013 54%
Number of B2B marketers using content marketing 91%
Average number of content marketing tactics 12

Distribution of Content marketing Usage

Tactic used Usage (in %)
Social media (non-blog) 87%
Website articles 83%
eNewsletters 78%
Blogs 77%
Case studies 71%
Videos 70%
Articles on other websites 70%
In-person events 69%
White papers 61%
Webinars/Webcasts 59%
Research reports 44%
Microsites 40%
Infographics 38%
Branded content tools 38%
Mobile content 33%
eBooks 32%
Print magazines 31%
Books 29%
Virtual conferences 28%
Podcasts 27%
Licensed/syndicated content 26%
Mobile apps 26%
Digital magazines 25%
Print newsletters 24%
Annual reports 20%
Games/Gamification 11%

So as you can see, besides a few offline strategies, a majority of them are online. This is despite the fact that a good percentage of B2B leads still come from offline means. One of the primary reasons for marketers to still deploy digital marketing is to create better buzz for their offline events like trade shows. Trade show exhibitors are now regularly known to create greater buzz for their trade show booths through social media for increased leads and conversions.

Popularity of Social Media Among B2B Marketers

The study of the B2B marketers showed the following distribution in interest among the various social media channels.

Social media Popularity
LinkedIn 83%
Twitter 80%
Facebook 80%
YouTube 61%
Google+ 39%
Pinterest 26%
Slideshare 23%
Vimeo 12%
Flickr 10%
StumbleUpon 10%
FourSquare 8%
Instagram 7%
Tumblr 7%
Quora 6%

Classification of B2B Industries Using Social Media

It would be interesting to study the industries that these B2B industries that use social media fall in. According to the CMI study, this is how the classification stands:

Industry Share of the pie
Advertising/Marketing 25%
Consulting 12%
Software 12%
Manufacturing 6%
Online services 6%
Publishing/media 5%
Business services 5%
Healthcare/Medical 4%
Banking/Accounting 3%
Other 22%