Smartphone Spending Propensity

Smartphones have no doubt catapulted mobile commerce. Smartphone users are now inclined to spend a lot more from their mobile phones than they were ready to in the past. However, mobile site functionality is continuing to be a turn off. A study asked Smartphone users the maximum money that they are willing to spend for a single item over their handsets. Here are the results


Total Contractual Cost Of Smartphones

How much money do you spend on your iPhone or the Motorola Droid over the entire contractual period? While iPhone looks cheaper at the cost price, it in fact costs much more over the entire contract period than Nexus One. Here is the amount you will be spending on the different smartphones over a 24 month period (for US subscribers)

Unlimited Plan
iPhone 3GS : $3,799
Palm Pre : $2,549
Motorola Droid : $3,799
Nexus One : $2,579

Average Plan
iPhone 3GS : $2,839
Palm Pre : $2,309
Motorola Droid : $2,839
Nexus One : $2,339

Cloud Computing Growth Forecast

Cloud computing is being touted as the future of the web. Everything from your Word documents to pictures, music has been moving to the cloud. In Google Apps, the company has a strong competing product to Microsoft Office. So, how big is all of this going to be. Here are some statistics from a Gartner study

Value of Cloud computing services through the years
2008 : $46.41 billion
2009 : $56.30 billion
2013 : $150.1 billion (projected)

Computer Gaming Among Females

Computer games are least associated with females and have always been male-oriented. However, that has been changing over the past few years with more and more women taking up online gaming. While we still do not have comprehensive statistics about female gamers, a recent survey among players of the Sony Online Entertainment game EverQuest II revealed the following pointers

Time Spent
Females : 29 hours a week
Males : 25 hours a week
The top 10% of female gamers averaged 57 hours per week

Social Gaming
60% of female gamers prefer playing with their romantic partner
Only 25% of men prefer playing that way. Men prefer playing alone

Average age of the female gamers : 31

Newspapers on Twitter – Most Retweeted Newspaper Twitter Accounts

It is no news that old media has constantly looked to new media for their own survival. And Twitter with all its hype about catering to real-time web is being increasingly used to break news. Here is the list of top ten newspaper twitter accounts and their followers sorted by the number of retweets.

1. The New York Times : 1,856,482
2. Atlanta Journal Constitution : 5,592
3. Los Angeles Times : 38,845
4. The Wall Street Journal : 91,763
5. Nicholas Kristof : 613,280
6. USA Today : 27,624
7. Austin American Statesman : 13,673
8. The Washington Post : 31,354
9. The Big Picture : 4,436
10. The Detroit News : 8,031

Please note, the follower count could be a little out dated as that is as of September 2009

Indian IT Services Market Growth

The IT services market in India is projected to grow at a healthy CAGR over the next few years according to a study by SpringBoard research

Indian IT Service market in 2008-2009 : $5.7 billion
Indian IT Service market in 2012-2013 : $12.8 billion (projected)
Annual CAGR : 18.6%

Big Players
Infrastructure management services : 18.1% CAGR
Application Services : 19.6% CAGR
IT Consulting services : 16.4% CAGR

Average Time Spent Online Statistics

How much time does an average adult internet user spend online? Harris Interactive has been measuring this for quite sometime now and here is how the time spent online has increased over the years. Here is the average number of hours spent on a weekly basis by American Internet users

1999 : 7 hours
2000 : 7 hours
2001 : 7 hours
2002 : 7 hours
2003 : 9 hours
2004 : 8 hours
2005 : 9 hours
2006 : 9 hours
2007 : 11 hours
2008 : 14 hours
2009 : 13 hours

Looks pretty less, no?

US Smartphone OS Market Share

The iPhone has for the first time overtaken Windows Mobile in the number of handsets running its Operating system. Blackberry retains its top spot comfortably in this study conducted by Comscore for the month of October. Here are the top smartphone Operating Systems measured by the absolute number of handsets running them in the United States

1. RIM Blackberry : 14.9 million
2. Apple iPhone : 8.9 million
3. MS Windows Mobile : 7.1 million
4. Palm WebOS : 2.8 million
5. Symbian : 1.2 million
6. Google Android : 1.0 million

Text Messaging Volumes in USA

If you need any evidence to see how much text messaging has proliferated in the past few years, you just need to see this statistic. Of course, this is also a period when cell phones saw a terrific rise in usage. However, it is also a fact that SMS as a communication medium has become much more affordable today than in the past. Here is the number of SMS sent in the month of December in US over the past six years

2003 : 2.1 billion
2004 : 4.7 billion
2005 : 9.8 billion
2006 : 18.7 billion
2007 : 48.1 billion
2008 : 110.4 billion

The number of mobile phone subscribers has risen 70% from 159 million to 270 million in these six years